There are many reasons why one might look into individual therapy. Mental health (anxiety, depression) is seen as the most common, but I also work with life stressors (transitions, work, trauma), cognitive difficulties (ADHD, ASD, learning disabilities), sociocultural issues, and personal growth. I tend to integrate different theories and techniques from all over in my work: CBT, DBT, attachment, narrative, and person-centered, to name a few. Mostly, I focus on understanding the past and staying present, so we can improve the future. I cater to your goals and needs, challenging you without adding stress, and guiding you without boxing you in. With me, you take something away from every session, whether it's a book recommendation, a journalling prompt, something to think about, or something new to try. If you want your life to change, I want to help.

Kids and Teens

I've worked with clients of all ages, and this includes kids and teens. Most of my work relies on talk therapy. Though many younger children struggle with this, I have been able to make this work with a child while they're drawing or playing in certain specific ways, like building with legos. I strongly believe social and emotional skills should be taught more explicitly in schools, so I always make sure I include some of this kind of education with younger clients. At any age, it's important that I take my clients and their concerns seriously. Of course, that doesn't mean it won't be any fun!


Relationships are difficult to navigate. Throw in distance, mental health, trauma, and other difficulties, and you have relationships in hard mode. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a manual to teach you how to handle it all? I incorporate Gottman, NVC, and attachment work in my approach to couples, which means looking at your history, communication, love languages, emotional patterns, and dreams for the future. The first step is making you both feel heard and understood with me, so I can help you feel heard and understood with each other. I've worked with couples of many different dynamics, backgrounds, and lifestyles, from newly dating to married for years. It doesn't matter what your relationship looks like. If there's love and commitment, I'm here to support it.


I can provide phone or video therapy to any California residents on request. While this has become the default during the pandemic, I have always offered this option, and will continue to once the offices open up again. It doesn't matter if you're local to the Bay Area or living in a small town elsewhere in the state, we can still work together.

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